Elsa polling location asks curbside voters to go inside to vote


Elsa, Texas (KVEO)-As long lines, mail-in ballots and COVID-19 concerns encircle the November 3rd election, many are considering using curbside voting for the first time. 

You could say curbside voting is essential, especially for vulnerable communities.  

In the city of Elsa, some residents complained that poll workers required curbside voters to get out of their cars to cast their vote.  

Earlier this month, a volunteer with the Texas Election Protection Coalition says workers at this polling location told voters they must go inside the building to fill out information before voting. 

“People were asked to go inside even though they were being told it was curb-side voting which was in return putting them in danger, by going inside,” said volunteer Sergio Trevino   

“But what I noticed more often than not was them telling people was—hey—if someone is going to vote from their cars, one person from the car has to go in to pre-fill their information before they vote,” said Trevino.  

He says the parking is usually at capacity with about 15 vehicles daily with eager voters.

Image courtesy of Sergio Trevino from time of event.

With the lack of proper signage and voters parked in front of the polling location, the disruption is causing people to leave.

“I saw more than 5 cars park, wait there for over ten minutes, some longer—and drive off before they ever got the chance to vote,” said Trevino.   

Trevino says there’s a lack of preparation from the elections committee for curbside voting.  

He says he speak to activist group LUPE, as well as the election coalition to have attorneys speak with the Hidalgo County Elections Board. 

“So curbside voting is a right that everyone deserves to have right now, especially those who are most vulnerable in those communities,” said Trevino. 


KVEO contacted the Hidalgo County Election’s Administrators Office regarding these reports, but was unable to received a response yet.

Trevino says he encourages anyone whose experiencing issues at their local polling site to call 1-866-our-vote 

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