EDINBURG, Texas – Early voting is set to begin Monday, Oct. 21. The Hidalgo County Elections administrator is urging the public to see what is on the ballot before going to go vote. You can do so by going to the county’s website, but you’ll need your precinct number.

Yvonne Ramon, Hidalgo County Elections Administrator, “You can also go to the secretary of state’s website and find out if you are registered. It’ll give you your precinct number. Once you have your precinct number you’re able to go into our website and pull your ballot style.”

10 propositions for constitutional amendments will be on the ballot. They range from municipal judges being able to hold several elected positions to funding for cancer research & flooding infrastructure. Prohibiting the state from collecting an individual income tax to what happens to retired dogs from law enforcement.

The Hidalgo County website, as well as Cameron County includes explanatory statements for each proposition.

Ramon says, “They give you a clear understanding of what each proposition actually means. It’s worth it to go on and take a moment to read this before you head out to the polls.”

In addition to the propositions there are also many cities holding elections.

“Find out, ‘is my city mayor running? are there candidates against the council members, the aldermen, the city commissioners that are on the ballot.?”

For a link to those 10 propositions for constitutional amendments you can head on over to: