SANTA ROSA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Santa Rosa Independent School District is taking new security measures to ensure student safety. 

This comes just one month after a fatal shooting in Santa Rosa that killed a 16-year-old.

Although that incident happened off campus, school officials say they are being proactive on campus.

“With things happening now in the community and around the world. You know, knives, pins, sharp objects or even a gun in school…being able to get wanded through and so forth, make sure our kids are safe at school,” said Polo Sanchez, a traveling basketball coach.

The Santa Rosa community is aware and concerned for their community, but they are also thankful for new security measures at their middle and high school campuses. 

“I think those are pretty good measures so far. Cameras, security, the police officers, I know they have a police chief on board as well. Just everybody’s hands on deck, from football coaches to teachers and administration,” Sanchez said.

The installation of metal detectors is the latest safety tool they are using on campus.

“This is again another measure that we can take to ensure the overall goal of student safety, not just for our students, of course, but for our staff our teachers, and everybody that works for this district,” said Juan Esparza, the school district’s board Vice President.  

Esparza said there was no hesitation in adding the extra security measure. 

“We want to make sure that we continue to get the proper funding so that we can continue to provide and be up to par with everything that is happening in our state, in our county, in our nation in regard to the spike of violence that is occurring,” Esparza said.

The new metal detectors can be found at the entrances of Santa Rosa High School and Jo Nelson Middle School. 

The metal detectors are equipped with the ability to detect weapons such as guns, knives, and electronics.

“So most things can be funded through taxpayer money as well but right now we are fortunate to get a grant, it’s called a school safety grant and through those fundings, we can acquire items such as metal detectors and metal wands and such things like that,” said Dr. Greg Camarillo, the school district’s Director of Human Resources and Curriculum & Instruction.

Camarillo said although metal detectors come at a price, safety is priceless.

“Safety, there should be no price set on safety at all,” he said.

School officials said they will be adding the metal detectors at the elementary campus soon.