EDINBURG, Texas – Edinburg Mayor, Richard Molina is facing charges on 11 counts of illegal voting and one count of engaging in organized election fraud, all felonies.

Mayor Molina, his wife Dalia, and his business partner, Julio Ceasar Carranza, were arraigned before a district court judge Friday morning. Dalia and Ceasar are both facing charges of one count of engaging in organized election and two counts of illegal voting. All three plead not guilty.

This comes after Mayor Molina was accused of changing voters addresses who did not live in Edinburg and allegedly bribing people for their vote in the 2017 municipal election. Since the investigation began, 20 individuals have been arrested for voter fraud.

We did try speaking to the mayor about his charges, but he declined to comment.

After the arraignment, the Molina’s were driven to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office by their attorney’s where they were booked and released on a PR Bond.

It is still unclear as to whether the three will have a joint consolidated trial or if they will be tried individually.

The first case to be tried would be Mayor Molina’s. That trial is expected to start sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If convicted, the mayor could face up to 99 years in prison.