Update: General Manager Sergio Luna said that the city will allow them to remain open. Drive in bingo will continue tomorrow morning.

SAN JUAN, Texas – We have all heard of drive in movies, but have you heard of drive in bingo? On Monday morning bingo fans at Triple City Bingo Hall in San Juan got to play in the comfort of their own vehicles.

“It’s something that were trying out, It’s the first time that it’s ever been done,”  said Sergio Luna, General Manager for RGV Bingo.

Bingo fans can park in designated areas and a runner will come out to help you. Players just have to tune in their radios to 95.9 FM to hear the caller and play along.

Bingo halls have been shut down for nearly two months and Luna said he wants to get back to business and put money back in the hands of local charities.

“It’s been tough for everybody, so, what we’re doing by opening up is basically trying to help get that kick start but we are trying to stay safe.”  said Luna

Although mask are not required by the state, both employees and players were required to wear them. Strict social distancing in the hall was also enforced.

Luna said he plans to expand the drive in bingo to other halls like Americana and El Bingo Grande 1 & 2, but for now those plans will have to wait.

During today’s bingo, Luna was informed by the City of San Juan that they could finish the day but could not reopen until May 18th.

As an update to the story, San Juan officials reconsidered and will now allow drive in bingo to continue, “We thank the city for reconsidering and allowing our charities to reopen in a safe and responsible manner,” said Luna.