Documentary looks into life and career of former Cowboys quarterback


EL PASO, Texas – El Paso filmmaker Chris Hanna set out to dig deeper into Tony Romo’s life. His documentary “Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story took Hanna to the former Dallas Cowboy quarterback’s hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin.

“Chris was going to get it done. His commitment level and how passionate he was about the project; it came out on screen.” says Romo.

After nearly 3 years of research, filming, and some financial struggles along the way, Hanna’s documentary is making it to the big screen.

A private screening of the film held for Romo and his family at the Plaza Theater in downtown Burlington.

Romo says, “You just feel lucky that anyone would like you or appreciate you or something enough to make something about you.”

Bringing the experience full circle for the retired NFL quarterback, not only because it looked back on his life–but was a way for Romo to give back. The production of this film had come to a halt after Hanna wasn’t able to pay the licensing fees for video of Romo playing in the NFL.

Chris Hanna, filmmaker, “Just like Tony says if you have a goal in mind and you know you want to get something big done in life, you have to keep knocking on doors and not be afraid of them telling you no.”

It’s Hanna’s winning mentality that those close to Romo say make Now or Never even more special them.

Ken Kramer, Tony Romo’s former agent, “He is a dedicated guy, has a great staff, and he has done a wonderful job.”

Hans Block, Tony Romo’s former high school coach, “I am very excited for Chris that he has completed the project. Very incredible endurance to stay with it and stay on task for a long period of time.”

Despite the obstacles Hanna faced there was no challenge he wasn’t willing to tackle. Something he says he learned from number 9 himself.

“Growing up as a Tony Romo fan, I always just grown to love how much of a fighter he is. How he loves life and how he’s fought to get down and get back up and it inspired me throughout my life.” Adds Hanna.

A man used to being under stadium lights, now in a more personal limelight.

Tony Romo adds, “It almost embarrasses me because I feel like I don’t deserve it but at the same time I just feel really blessed and lucky to have someone who thought I did. I was a franchise that would be where I might have to move my franchise. We would get plenty of support down there. El Paso has a special place in my heart.”

Hanna says he wants the take-away of the film to be that anyone can achieve anything, no matter where they come from.

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