District attorney wary about new gun laws for Texas


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Governor Greg Abbott is set to hold another series of round table discussions on gun legislation this Wednesday. The talks come as those killed in El Paso are being laid to rest and memorialized.

Texas lawmakers passed nine gun-related bills this past session. In just three weeks’ time licensed gun owners will be allowed to carry handguns in places of worship and all places where it was previously illegal to carry.

Luis Saenz, Cameron County District Attorney, “I’m very concerned about any law that in my opinion allows people to have guns.”

Also going into effect on September 1st, handgun owners can carry their concealed firearms without a permit for up to a week if a disaster has been declared.

“A gun is a deadly weapon. In the right hands it is a good thing, but I am concerned about the more freedom you have to have guns, at some point, they end up in the wrong hands.” Says Saenz.

Last week Governor Greg Abbott said he will hold another series of round table discussions to consider legislative proposals to address the shooting in El Paso.

“Here at the office we see a lot of cases where people are mentally unstable. As you know these are the people that show up on the news as killing other people. I’m very concerned with any law that is really going to put more guns out in the public.” Adds Saenz.

The round tables, which may start later this month, will collect ideas to address the domestic terrorism El Paso experienced as well as ensuring guns do not end up in the wrong hands.

Also on September 1st, landlords will not be able to prevent tenants or their guests from carrying a firearm.

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