DISD Students make prosthetic for puppy born without legs


DONNA, TX- Meet Brownie, a six-month-old Chihuahua born without its two front legs.

On February 6, 2020 Brownie was able to walk for the first time ever with the use of prosthetics.

Robotics Instructor at W.A. Todd Middle School, Juan Lopez, tells us that he and 2 students began working on this project after first hearing about Brownie online. They tracked down the owner on Facebook and offered to help. For the past two months, they built two prototypes with hopes of getting the dog up and running.

During their first prosthetic fitting, the dog walked for a few seconds before getting tired.

Students Guillermo Mireles and Leonel Yracheta have no relation to the dog but took on the project, nonetheless.

“I have dogs that chase me around, walk around with me, or I play around with them,” says Yracheta, “I felt bad for Brownie because he never played with his owner or walked with his owner.”

The prosthetics were crafted by the Students. They used 3D printing technology to make specialized parts from open-source templates they found online.

In the end, Brownie left home without his prosthetics. The team says the result was far from a failure, rather, lessons learned and a chance to overcome obstacles.

“We don’t see this as an end or final product. This is the beginning of a relationship with the community, with the dog, with my students, to keep this for the long term,” Lopez.

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