Difficult time for mental health made easier with Telehealth


MISSION, Texas – The COVID-19 pandemic has multiplied the number of stressors people face daily. The start of the school year, the upcoming election or loss of a loved one could all be reasons one might seek help with mental health. 

One thing that has been made simpler since the pandemic started, is the ability to get psychological help virtually.  

Telehealth has made it possible for patients to get help with their mental health and not have to worry about other issues, such as their transportation, scheduling, or leaving their home. 

According to Edward Acosta of Piña & Acosta Psychological Associates those types of issues would normally prevent someone from getting the help they need.  

“It’s had an enormous impact on our ability to communicate with our clients,” said Acosta. What came out of a necessity to connect with patients has proved its place in healthcare and Acosta believes it will be a standard option for receiving help even after the pandemic. 

“I have patients with medical conditions, and I’ve been able to see them in their hospital beds,” said Acosta as he gave examples of the reach he achieves with telehealth.  

Even though having virtual sessions with his patients is different, Acosta said the connection he needs to make with his patients has not been lost.  

“94% of human communication is nonverbal so they’re able to see that, ‘wow this guy is looking at me, he’s able to ask me the right questions, his facial expressions are that of someone who cares about me.’ So certainly, that does make a difference,” said Acosta.  

Piña & Acosta is offering free psychological help to medical professionals. To schedule an appointment visit their website.

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