Did you miss CBS4’s ‘Starbase to Mars’ special?


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO)—In late March, Elon Musk took to social media encouraging people to move to the city of Brownsville and South Padre, as Space X continues to grow.

Without a doubt, Space-X is bringing attention to South Texas.

On Tuesday, CBS4 offered a one-hour special by the name of “Starbase to Mars” which spoke about the social and economic impacts Space X has in our area.

Below are the stories from “Starbase to Mars” CBS’4 exclusive special.

1) McAllen astronaut reflects on time spent in space and SpaceX

For many, becoming an astronaut may seem like achieving the impossible. This is not the case for one McAllen native. Michael Fossum set his sight on space a long time ago and has not looked back since, making the Rio Grande Valley proud each step of the way. CBS4 evening anchor Faith Woodward spoke to Fossum about his journey.


2) Hope is on the horizon for downtown Brownsville

Space X tourists are not just visiting the site down highway four. They are also heading to downtown Brownsville. A mural featuring a portrait of Elon Musk has gathered a lot of attention from Space X fans. Digital reporter Gaby Moreno shows you the ” Boca Chica to Mars” exhibit in the Milliken Garza Gallery downtown.


3) Brownsville sees impact throughout the years thanks to SpaceX

Without a doubt, Space X is bringing attention to South Texas. Not only has this been successful for the company. But, it is also impacting the city of Brownsville. CBS4 weekend anchor Karina Vargas explains how the city is seeing a growing pattern.


4) CBS News reporter explains SpaceX efforts to colonize Mars

The Rio Grande Valley and space travel are not two terms that usually go hand in hand. That was until a few years ago when Space-X decided to use Boca Chica as a site for their Starship launchpad. CBS News’ Bill Harwood covers the company, their efforts to colonize Mars, and attempts to return to the Moon. CBS4 evening anchor Chris Jacobs spoke with Harwood on Space-X’s future and its role in the Rio Grande Valley. He said the area is at the forefront of the final frontier.

5) STEM students focuses on SpaceX success

Space X has some of the brightest minds working to get earthlings to Mars.

Before the planetary travel, the brightest stars are in schools at Rio Grande Valley schools, including Harlingen STEM² Preparatory Academy and South Texas ISD’s Science Academy.

CBS 4 morning anchor Derick Garcia visited the Harlingen STEM² Preparatory Academy and saw the student’s inspiration across the walls are pop-culture sci-fi posters and collectibles.


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