Disclaimer: This story includes graphic content

MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A McAllen man was arrested after a sex tape was recorded without her consent.

On Sept. 6, a woman reported that Carlos Cortez assaulted her in August near her residence, a criminal complaint obtained by ValleyCentral stated. The victim told police she was attempting to confront Cortez over “inappropriate texts on his phone” and took the device.

This caused him to chase her and slam his truck door on her chest and left wrist. The victim told McAllen police she “has been suffering from Mr. Cortez’s abusive behavior long enough and is now willing to file charges,” the criminal complaint stated.

While talking to police, the woman reported that in June of 2021, Cortez had filmed them having sex without her consent. She stated that on the same night she was unable to consent to any sexual act because she was feeling drowsy. The victim stated Cortez offered her tea that night, which she drank.

She said she began to feel drowsy after consuming the tea and did not recall engaging in intercourse with Cortez. A few days later the victim said she found a video of Cortez engaging in sexual acts with her while she was impaired and unable to consent.

Investigators said they saw the video and confirmed that they heard the victim saying “no” to Cortez several times as he attempted to penetrate her.

After the complaint was made, police made several attempts to contact Cortez over the phone and at his residence, but to no avail.

On Sept. 15 a warrant for the arrest of Cortez was issued.

Cortez was arrested the next day by McAllen police. He was charged with sexual assault, invasive visual recording and assault causing bodily injury. Cortez’s bond is set at $65,000.