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County leaders vote to keep most salaries unchanged after controversial proposal


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Cameron County’s top leaders vote to keep salaries unchanged for elected officials after public outcry on a controversial pay raise.

A sigh of relief for angry taxpayers after the Cameron county commission decide to remain with salaries relatively unchanged for most elected officials. The only exception right now includes three constables.

Constable Pct. 2 – Abel Gomez – Salary $62,002 changed to 63,502

Constable Pct. 3 – Jose Adrian Gonzalez– Salary $57,202 changed to $62,002

Constable Pct. 5 – Everado Solis–Salary $52,002 changed to $62,002

That was done to make sure their pay was equal across the board for constables in precincts 3 and 5. Commissioners increased the salary of Pct. 2 for providing bailiffs and security for the downtown Annex Facility.

Earlier, today commissioners citing a lack of budget for the upcoming year as they decided to go against the salary increase. We met with some of the commissioners to find out why the items were placed in the first place.

“Addressing the actual salaries for elected officials, there is no money to be able to do that.” Says commissioner Joey Lopez. “We’re not looking to raising the tax rate to supplement that at all.”

When asked, Why was this still an item on the agenda knowing that there was no budget for it?

Lopez says, “Based on the budge process and the laws on how we actually present.”

Commissioner Sofia Benavidez says, “We published the maximum that could have been considered, and I believe that was taken out of context. But at the end of the day we published it and that’s the way it was. I appreciate people coming out and sharing their opinions with us.”

“In addressing the salaries for all elected officials, we were able to bring light to show how far back we are in comparison to the state,” says Lopez.   

Some residents concerned that in the upcoming years, we may see a similar increase proposed once again.

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