County leaders to vote on giving themselves raise

February 07 2021 06:00 pm

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – A public notice By Cameron County is raising eyebrows for some of its residents. In short, Cameron county’s Top leaders are a few days away from voting on their own salary increase. As of the making of this report, Local 23 News has reached out to all 4 county commissioners and judge on this issue. We have not heard back from any of the county commissioners or the county judge yet.

Here are some of Highlights from the public notice itself.

Over $400,000 in proposed salary increases across the board.

The public noticed appeared on the Brownsville Herald detailing salaries, expenses, and proposed increases.  

Some of the most notable items include over $48,000 for County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. raising his current compensation from $70,743 to a proposed compensation of $119,400.

A $32,000 raise for each commissioners increasing their current total of $49,076 to $75,000.

Along with tens of thousands in increases to county and district clerks.

Only 4 members not considered for an increase, including District Attorney Luis Saenz who is currently earning $28,156.

If left unchanged, Sheriff Omar Lucio who would remain as one of the highest paid at $108,896.

Public outcry has been visible on social media with groups currently organizing on Facebook and a message from the former Cameron county judge, Carlos Cascos, saying three words could describe the initiative “Unbelievable, Disgusting & Disappointing.”

If you have anything to say on the issue, Public Comment is available on August the 20th At 9 AM at the Dancy Building.

Find the original public post made by Cameron County to the local newspaper as required by state law here:

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