FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) — April is the month of the military child. Children with active duty parents can live very different and sometimes hectic lives.

From mom or dad going on deployments to moving around the world, their lives are constantly changing.

“The first thing that really changed was just really an understanding that troops, you know, that family comes first,” Fort Hood Captain Adrienn Halland said.

Captain Nicholas Thompson and Captain Adrienn Halland had their son while stationed in Germany, but are now at Fort Hood with their almost five-year-old Jack.

She says although it’s been hard, they have a huge support system.

“We’ve also both experienced a deployment here and COVID, and so it was tough,” Halland said. “But we also pick our locations being to a military. We pick our locations based on where we have enough support.”

Nicholas and Adrienn say Jack loves tanks and looks up to mom and dad when they go to work every day.

But just like every job, there are difficulties. Especially when it comes to mom or dad leaving for a field exercise or deployment.

“You’re a team and you can kind of balance the load,” Thompson said. “And then one of them goes overseas and then you’re working, you know, from six in the morning till six at night and you’re also taking care of a kid. So I know that just from my experience when Adrienn was deployed to Qatar, it was definitely a challenge.”

Adrienn says in their family, communication about leaving is important and they have learned through experience that it can make or break the time they are away.

“The number one thing we tell him is we’re always coming back. So when I leave at 4:30 in the morning to come to work, like I’ll be home buddy.”