BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Come Dream Come Build, a Cameron County organization dedicated to affordable housing, is preparing to launch its next affordable housing concept, MiCasita.

“The idea is to actually help families buy a piece of the American Dream,” said Nick Mitchell-Bennett, the executive director of CDCB.

Bennett explained that the MiCasita concept allows home buyers to buy a home as small as 576 square feet and add onto their home if they want to.

Credit: KVEO Iris Karami; Pictured prototype of MiCasita L-core home

“From there they can add different boxes of 288 square feet as they can and as they need,” said Bennett.

The homebuilding process is streamlined because all the building happens at the MiCasita ‘farm site’, according to Bennett.

“Everything is built where we’re standing we have the o-core and the l-core and then all the different additions that can go into the home are built right here then we move those to the clients’ lot or lot they want to buy and we build them right there,” said Bennett.

The CDCB provides loan services and has lots available for homebuyers to purchase.

Bennett said the idea is to provide affordable housing and make the homebuying experience accessible to anyone.

“How can we make housing more affordable and faster and what families want, and we came up with MiCasitia,” said Bennett.

According to Bennett, when MiCasita launches in the next three months, it will take at most 60 days to have a home built and ready.

“We’ve got people here all the time working, anywhere from 2 to 8 people on site all the time working we’re under a roof here so if it rains, we can still work,” said Bennett.

The original idea was a part of the CDCB’s application to the Wells Fargo Foundation’s Affordable Housing Breakthrough Challenge where the organization won $2.5 million in 2020. Bennett added the CDCB was one of 900 applications nationwide.

Aside from MiCasita providing housing under 15% of the average housing cost, in December of 2022, there will be an online app allowing clients to build their homes based on the designs available.

“This app allows families to get on and choose the type of house that they want, where they want it, and how they want to plug-in different additions to that model,” said Bennett.