CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Video shows burglary in Harlingen neighborhood


Video credit:  Encarnación Perez; Surveillance video

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) —A Harlingen resident is looking for justice after being victim of a burglary and noticing an increase in crime in his neighborhood.

“It’s been happening frequently where they come and check the vehicles and check the trucks, cars to make sure if they’re locked or not,” said Encarnación Perez, a resident in the Wildwood neighborhood.

Perez said that this is not the first time it happens. He added that about a year and a half ago someone took a rock and smashed car windows along his street, including his son’s.

He sent KVEO the surveillance video showing someone walk up to his truck, and according to Perez, stole a garage door opener, Air pods, and $100.

“They used someone’s landscaping rock to break the windows all along the side of the street causing a lot of damage to vehicles,” said Perez.

Though Perez filed a police report on the incident, he said he just wants whoever is doing it to stop.

“You know we work hard to maintain what we have and what we earn, and for some person to come and do something like that it really … annoys me,” Perez said.

Perez has suggested installing gates on the front and back entrances of the community, but the president of the Wildwood homeowner’s association, Jim Birschbach, said that would cost about $100,000.

“We as an association have looked into a couple of different options. One option is to have gates put into the community, unfortunately, if you put gates in, we are required to maintain the streets,” said Birschbach.

Birschbach said that they have also discussed details of installing security cameras, but those also come with a high price.

“The second thing we’ve looked into is cameras that are solar-powered…And the issue is, not only cost would be a minimum of $20,000, but then also the monitoring of them on a daily basis,” said Birschbach.

Harlingen Police Department’s Public Information Officer Sargent Larry Moore said that they have a confirmed police report for motor vehicle burglary at Perez’s home, and another police report for burglary on Perez’s street from 2020.

For now, Birschbach is asking residents to take steps in securing their property, such as putting up signs stating there are security cameras or installing Ring camera doorbells.

“We’re certainly trying to encourage all homeowners to take their own individual steps,” said Birschbach.

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