Cameron County Emergency Management team assisting areas hit by Hurricane Laura


CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — Cameron County is deploying members of the emergency management team to assist in areas left devastated after Hurricane Laura barreled through parts of Texas over the last few days.

Heavy rain and powerful winds, damaged property along its path in east Texas and Louisiana.

“A lot of trees that have been blown down to yards on homes in streets so it’s taken down all the power lines,” said Juan Martinez, Cameron County Fire Marshal and part of the state’s incident management team.

Martinez is heading to help areas impacted by Hurricane Laura.

“We’re here to provide food, water and ice for all assistance in this area,” he said.

With winds of up to 150 miles per hour, a category 4 was nothing compared to Hurricane Hanna in the Rio Grande Valley.

“One event we’re dealing with flooding and one with strong winds that picked up a lot of trees and roofs a lot of debris all over the place,” he said.

So far, Martinez is in Jasper county and urging residents to practice patience as they work to restore communities.

“They have no electricity here and it looks like it’s going to be two weeks before they can get everything going.”

They’re taking every precaution to stay safe during the pandemic.

“This response is different than I ever done before because of COVID all these COVID protocols are still in place for this response. We have all these hand sanitizers temperature controls all the safety measures, n-95, everything we have to do in this response,” he said.

He’s making sure everyone in the lone star state is safe and strong during a difficult time.

“Kind of a neighbors helping neighbors type of thing,” he said.

Martinez adds during these trips he can stay up to 15 days or until they’re no longer needed.

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