Cameron County emergency management reminds residents to stay alert this hurricane season


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO)—Home to just over 400,000 people, Cameron county is the southernmost county on the Texas coast and includes South Padre Island, Brownsville, and Harlingen.

The large population and access to the Gulf of Mexico make the county vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms.

SPI officials ask residents to stay informed during Hurricane Season

Tom Hushen, Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator, said the county has been preparing for the upcoming hurricane season by making sure ditches are cleaned out and that designated sandbag distributions are on standby.

Hushen also said that preparing for hurricane season starts with you at home. 

One way to receive emergency notifications and alerts through email or your mobile device is through the Code Red System.

Cameron County emergency management reminds residents to stay alert this hurricane season

Cameron County residents can go to and register to receive alerts during emergency situations.

You can also register on your smartphone by texting “CC911” to 99411. Citizens without internet access can call the Cameron County Emergency Notification District at 1-855-879-1911.

You can always keep up with important updates in Cameron county by liking Cameron County Emergency Management & Fire Marshall Service on Facebook.

With the power of social media, be aware just because a post goes viral does not mean that the information is true and accurate. Rely on trusted resources for emergency events and disasters. 

For those on the coast, heed evacuation orders if

they are given. It is likely that shelters in Cameron county will not be available.

Preparing your home for severe weather

This is the case for any coastal area in the U.S during a major hurricane. As Hushen states, the reason for this is that if they do open shelters in Cameron county, it prevents people from leaving when evacuation orders are issued, putting people in harm’s way.

The overall goal is to get folks out of Cameron county to a safe location. 

Hushen strongly recommends that people who need assistance evacuating first need to attempt to evacuate with friends or family members and only use state resources as a last resort.

For folks needing assistance, Texas Health and Human Resources will come in and pick you up and take you to a secure location ahead of the storm.

This does not mean that the location is going to be a hotel or somewhere comfortable. Those needing assistance from Texas Health and Human Resources for evacuation during a hurricane must sign up yearly to be on the list. You can do this by dialing 2-1-1 or by visiting online at 

The Cameron County Emergency Management office wants to remind residents that once a hurricane makes landfall, damaging winds, flooding, and road obstructions will make it difficult for first responders to get to you. Use the time before a threatening storm to create a hurricane action plan and most importantly to stock up on items for your hurricane safety kit.

It is the key to keeping you and your loved ones safe for the 2021 hurricane season.

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