BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The ongoing pandemic can cause many stressors but not to just adults. Area children can feel anxiety from the pandemic and more.

One school district is stepping in to help.

It’s not just the pandemic that’s leading to this anxiety but it’s also school shootings, family life, and other outside influences.

“It’s very important for children and teenagers to have a healthy and consistent environment,” assistant professor of psychiatry Dr. Alcides Amador said.

These same outside situations can affect students’ studies.

“Of course, some people got behind socially, especially those middle school years and some people got behind academically so it has affected them but we do have a lot of services available,” Brownsville Independent School District counselor Eliza Bellamy said.

Bellamy says since the pandemic, there has been an increase in students needing counseling and the district offers many services to help students. This includes lessons about social emotional learning, working with others, to even grief.

“One of the first questions that I ask is how many of you know somebody that was passed away and almost the whole class raises their hand because there have been many deaths around us because of the pandemic,” Bellamy said.

“Ways this can affect young people’s mind our teenagers and our children is that it adds to a sense of loneliness being separated from the typical school environment where you’re surrounded by your classmates and teachers so you can get that immediate feedback,” Dr. Amador said.

Dr. Alcides specializes in children and adolescents psychiatry with UTRGV and says there are many behaviors in children who can display internal and external characteristics of anxiety and depression.

“The child becomes more self-isolating tends to shy away from groups of people so those are some things you would look out for. Other things you may look out for is if the child looks tearful if they look sad those are some good key indicators that something might be going wrong,” Dr. Amador said.

“We like working with our students, we see them getting better and better it does take time but we’re happy that we’re getting them back to school and back to learning and working together,” Bellamy said.

Brownsville ISD partners with UTRGV telehealth counseling services to help those who are in need.