Binge drinking on the rise


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – A CDC study said binge drinking is on the rise across the country.

With spring just a few weeks away, local 23 is taking a closer look at the effects of over drinking and how it impacts our community.

Liquor, drinking, and even alcohol poisoning are all too common during Spring Break in South Padre Island.

However, Spring breakers may not be the only ones abusing alcohol in recent times. According to a recent CDC study, a rising trend of alcohol binging is happening in women and seniors.

The study says binge drinking among women has significantly increased.

“Preparing themselves to not binge drink is the safest thing they can do. This is particularly important for women. We metabolize alcohol in a different way. It gets in our bloodstream and alters our behavior and our decision making,” said Kim Garrett a rehab specialist.

1 in 6 adults in the U.S. will binge drink 4 times a month. Garrett says overdrinking is becoming far too common. She says the type of drink and size matter, with a common reason for overdrinking being, not proper serving sizes.

“Whether it is a beer, which is a 12-ounce serving. With wine its 5 ounces and with liquor its 1 and a half ounces. Knowing what we’re drinking and how much we are drinking and setting limits on ourselves.

The overall trend on the January 17th CDC study says more people are binge drinking. Garrett warns people to be mindful of their drinking habits and know when enough is enough.

“People who have issues and have problems with alcoholism have long term health issues and challenges. Higher rates of cancer. High rates of liver disease, higher rates of general health problems,” said Garrett.

Garrett suggests you speak with your doctor first if you recognize that you may have a drinking problem.

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