ATV accident injures 6-year-old boy, family trying to raise money to get a second opinion


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — A Rio Grande Valley family is fighting to keep hope alive after 6-year-old Giancarlo Guerrero was injured in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident.

Guerrero is in the intensive care unit after the ATV crashed into a canal, with him, his mom, and two other people.

Jovanni Guerrero, Giancarlo’s aunt said, “August 24, my nephew his mom and two other children were in a car accident. They were near a canal and there was some tall grass, so they didn’t see how near they were, so they fell in.”

All of them suffered injuries but Giovanni’s were more serious.  

“His mom had a broken ankle, some cuts on her face. There was little boy who had his pelvis broken, as well as a little girl broke her nose and her lip, Giancarlo was the one who was most injured of all. He had a cut on his throat, and he had some brain damage done on the accident, where he fell off,” said Guerrero.

 His mother, Priscilla Chapa said his condition is getting worse.

 “Since the get-go they’ve kind of just had us like ‘he’s stable, he’s good, it’s going to be a long recovery, but you know he’s stable,’ and then two days later it’s like ‘well we’re not seeing too much activity’ and it reached a point where he was brain dead to them,” said Chapa.

However, when they were preparing for their goodbyes Chapa said she saw his toes move. 

“Like every mother would want, you know just do something, please do something to show me you have life in there so I can keep fighting for you. We started tickling his feet and he started slowly wiggling his toes,” said Chapa.

Now they’re looking for a second opinion and made a GoFundMe to help pay for the transfer when they can.

“We have it set at $100,000,” said Guerrero. “We know all of this is very expensive and us trying to get him that second opinion and get him transferred isn’t cheap.”

The family is trying everything they can to stay strong and are hoping by making the GoFundMe they can raise enough money to transfer him soon and get a second opinion.

You can donate towards their GoFundMe here.

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