Attempted burglary turns into officer involved shooting


MCALLEN, Texas – According to a press release by the McAllen Police Department, a reported burglary in progress turned into an officer involved shooting after the suspect began throwing bricks.

Police officials said that at around 3:40 a.m. Sunday, a person called from the 400 block of N. 9th street in McAllen to report that someone was trying to break in and that there was a fire at the back door.

Officers arrived on scene, confirmed the burglary and put the fire out. The suspect had fled, and the caller had suffered a small cut. The caller also revealed that she had possibly cut the suspect with scissors.

According to officials, at 3:58 a.m. the officers found a person matching the description of the suspect. As officers attempted to apprehend them, the suspect attempted to run into a liquor store before turning around and throwing bricks, shattering the front windshield of a police car.

McAllen police said that the suspect then charged at the officers still throwing projectiles. After being struck in the head, Sergeant Marcos Jimenez, fearing further harm, fired his weapon at the suspect striking him in the upper right shoulder, the right arm, and upper left leg.

Following the shooting, officers performed first aid procedures and called for Emergency medical care.

The suspect, having tentatively been identified by police as 29-year-old Palmview resident Rodolfo Rivera, is currently in the hospital in serious condition.

Sergeant Marcos Jimenez suffered injuries to his head but did not require emergency medical care.

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