Are you ready to go back to the movies? Many say “no”


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Governor Greg Abbott announced cinemas across the state will be allowed to open May 1 at 25% capacity.

“We want to make sure we opened up as quickly as possible, but as safely as possible,” said Abbott at a press conference. 

CBS 4/ Local 23 spoke to YouTube Film Critic Grace Randolph, host of the popular YouTube show, Beyond the Trailer.

“Hollywood is shut down,” said Randolph. “It is in the best interest of landlords and Studios, considering the online competition from movie theaters, to remain open.”

The ever-pressing question is are cinemas ready to open and are consumers ready to pick up where the Summer Box office slate left off.

“I think at the movie theaters are going to have a real problem making people feel safe,” said Randolph. “Especially because of the concession stand sales are so big and important for the movie theater and if people are going to wear a mask how are they going to eat?”

CBS4/LOCAL 23 also spoke with YouTube critic and film producer Robert Meyer Bernett, who has worked in pop-culture movie productions for 30 years.

Bernett is optimistic about Hollywood’s path to reopen but doesn’t sugarcoat the financial nightmare the industry is in, “What a crazy time. I never knew whether we were going to have a business anymore.” Bernett hosts a YouTube show called Robservations and is a vocal advocate for Hollywood’s success post-COVID-19.

As Texas sets its sights on rebuilding on the broken economy and dropping unemployment rate, Cinemas opening would bring back hundreds of thousands of laid-off employees, a positive spin on what has been a historic time in movies.

“I don’t necessarily think it is for the best to everyone to go ‘hey fill up the movie theaters, pack them full to the rafters’ while people get their popcorn and use the bathroom. I’m like ‘I don’t know’ I am a little worried about that,” said Burnett.

As Randolph and Burnett are eager to see the Hollywood films that have been delayed or had their production schedules shutdown, they both have reservations on going back.

For the full interview, Grace Randolph click here.

For the full interview with Robert Meyer Burnett click here.

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