An unprovoked apology goes a long way, quite refreshing says author


HARLINGEN, Texas — “The Criminal: The Power of an Apology” is the third book by author Thomas Fellows.

Based on Dismas, or the Good Thief of the Bible from the Gospel of Luke, was one of the criminals who were crucified with Jesus Christ and the first one to go to heaven because he asked Jesus for forgiveness.

Fellows makes the claim that if you lie to a person you are insulting their intelligence which is something that is not appreciated. But getting an unexpected apology from someone is.

In regards to giving apologies, Fellows said he’s given many to those he’s wronged. But what about those who have wronged him?

“I’ve had family members call me basically dumb in the past or insinuate that I was dumb. Now I’ve had all this success with the books and all I want from them is a ‘hey you know I messed up'”, but I know I’ll never get that,” said Fellows.

He said people do not like to admit they are wrong. It is a challenge for them to admit it but it is refreshing for someone to apologize.

Fellows said this could very well be his favorite book just because it is so powerful. After all this time Fellows is still waiting on that first unprovoked apology and is not sure if he’ll ever get it while he’s alive.

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