ALTON, Texas (KVEO) — A local police officer is being honored nationally for his hard work taking drunk drivers off our streets.

Alton Police Officer Victor Salinas was hand selected by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, better known as MADD, as their Officer of the Month.

“I was happy, it felt great, I don’t do my work for awards or praise, I do it because I care about the people out on the roads and of our community,” said Officer Salinas.

Officer Salinas has made more than 55 DWI arrests and is now being recognized nationally for his commitment to safety.

“I just go out there because I know they’re out there, I know their risk, I’ve seen accidents, I’ve pulled over individuals that they don’t know who they are, where they’re at, or where they’re going they can’t even remember how they got behind the vehicle and that’s why I enforce it a lot,” said Officer Salinas.

The Alton Police Department has already arrested 104 drunk drivers this year alone.