Alleged thief identified by report card


PALMVIEW, Texas – A suspect swipes the shelves of a Palmview drive thru store overnight. The owner says this is the second time this year the store has been robbed. However, this time police have a lead to the suspect’s location.

Security cameras capture the moment a man enters Playboy’s Drive Thru.

It was around 4:00 a.m. today when owner Suhey Ramos received a notification on her phone alerting her that someone had broken into her store. The suspect taking cigarettes, multiple cases of beer, and even picked out the kind of chips he liked.

“He’s in school and I think he lives close by here.” Said Ramos.

Ramos adds the suspect who she believes is a high school student, has shopped at her store before. Allowing him to know exactly where everything was. It was through a rear door the suspect made entry. He emptied the stores shelves and took the cash register with over $1,500.

What the suspect did not realize is he left a key piece of evidence behind.

The owner says he left his backpack. Inside was a his report card with other personal information. The suspect also left the tool he used to break in along with a clear image of him on the camera.

Authorities confirming the arrest of two suspects involved in this robbery. However, their identities have yet to be released.

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