RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — After being found liable in defamation lawsuits related to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Alex Jones, the host and founder of InfoWars, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas.

Jones entered the filing on Sunday in the Southern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows pending civil litigation against InfoWars to pause while the company organizes its finances.

InfoWars and Jones were set to face major setbacks next week when a Texas jury was scheduled to determine how much they would payout to the parents of children who died in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

In 2021, Jones was found liable in defamation lawsuits brought forward by the parents who said they faced harassment and death threats from InfoWars followers after Jones’s repeated claims that the shooting was a hoax.

Jones continuously claimed on InfoWars that the shooting was a hoax done by actors in an effort by the government to enforce gun control. However, Jones has since retracted these statements and admitted the shooting was real.

In Sunday’s bankruptcy filings, InfoWars estimated its assets from $0 to 50 thousand and estimated its liabilities as $1 million to $10 million.

Jones offered to settle the case in March by paying each plaintiff $120 thousand but this offer was rejected.

InfoWars was founded by Jones in 1999 near Texas. Jones is a well-known far-right talk show host often labeled as a conspiracy theorist.

He’s been accused of selling “phony coronavirus cures” and blames his conspiracy theory claims on ‘psychosis.’

The Infowars founder has been banned from Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, over concerns about his content.