After El Paso shooting, Valley citizens and migrants afraid of possible attacks


MCALLEN, Texas – Catholic Charities is working towards increasing security in the wake of the El Paso shooting. The attack also sparking fear among shoppers in downtown McAllen. They wonder if this could be the next target.

Sister Norma Pimentel says, “That’s what concerns me, that it’s so easy for anyone to just walk into a location and kill anybody they want. That really scares me, that can happen.”

She’s not ruling out the possibility that the shooting in El Paso, targeting Hispanics, could have happened in McAllen. “It’s something that we also here must worry about and be concerned. We want to make sure that this place is safe and be protected so that something like that doesn’t happen here.”

The respite center is now adding additional resources.

“We definitely have to make sure we provide the correct surveillance and attention so that we know what’s happening here.” Says Sister Norma.

A Honduran migrant says it’s unfortunate how many Mexican nationals lost their lives in Saturday’s shooting but adds the possibility of losing their lives along their journey or in the United States is a permanent thought.

Fear extends outside the respite center with shoppers in downtown McAllen. After active shooters across the country continue targeting locations with large crowds.

“You look at a person and wonder if they’ll do something, it could happen here because it’s a tourism area.” Says one shopper.

Shoppers say they now look at other shoppers with fear, saying it could happen at any time in McAllen due to the number of tourists.

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