A girl’s dream to journey to the stars


MISSION, Texas (KVEO) – Recently, Andrea Gonzalez a 9-year-old girl sent SpaceX founder Elon Musk a letter about wanting to be the first person on Mars and spoke about her desire to become an astronaut in the coming years.

“I wrote it because I wanted SpaceX and Elon Musk to notice me, that I’m really serious about going to Mars,” said Gonzalez.

So far, she is on the right track.

Gonzalez is fluent in three languages including Mandarin and is working on her fourth, Russian.

“When something comes in my path that I’m trying to go to, I just ignore it and keep following my dreams,” said Gonzalez

What were you doing at age nine? Maybe you were busy on the monkey bars, or admiring your favorite stars, but while we were busy daydreaming, one little girl wanted to play in the stars.

“I’ve been interested in Mars since I was 3-years-old and I just wanted to continue it in life,” said Gonzalez.

Andrea Gonzalez is determined, talented, and ruthless in her own way.

Her mission is to become an intern for SpaceX then an astronaut, then the first person on Mars. Somewhere in there is the goal of finishing elementary school.

“My family was actually proud of me, mostly my mom. She was really proud of me,” said Gonzalez.

At such a young age, this would not be possible without her mother’s approval, which she has.

“I know she’s very different, she’s very advanced. She wants to do stuff that no ordinary kid really wants to do,” said Arminda Garza, Andrea’s mom.

Any concerns of moving too fast are ignored as it is full speed ahead.

“I want her to experience everything that she possibly can. I want her to know that there’s no limit. If she wants to go do something she can absolutely go out and do it,” said Garza.

Elon Musk has not responded to the letter, but if he agrees, Andrea Gonzalez would be the youngest intern ever for the company.

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