3 arrested for murder in Weslaco physician death


WESLACO, Texas – Three men have been arrested and charged with murder in connection to a crash in Weslaco that claimed the life of a Weslaco doctor.

On November 7th the Weslaco Police received a 911 call for service in the 500 block of South Utah. Moments later there was a call for a motor vehicle crash in the 500 block of Business 83, that’s where police found 59-year-old Dr. John Jesus Dominguez dead on the scene with a gunshot wound in his left leg.

“It became evident to us on scene that this was not a regular motor vehicle collision and quickly there our homicide investigation began,” said Joel Rivera, Police Chief of the Weslaco Police Department.

Authorities say the investigation was complex and challenging because of many acquaintances of the doctor but after putting out a video of the incident a tip came from the Runnels County Sheriff’s Office.

“A very alert Deputy Sheriff over there recognized the vehicle possible used, allegedly used in a home invasion and made contact with us through the investigation up there we were given notice that this was a car believed to be used in a homicide in Weslaco,” said Rivera.

Three men have been arrested and charged with murder. 17-year-old Joel Ismael Gonzalez, who police believe to be the shooter, 19-year-old Luis Lopez Valenzuela, who police believe to be the driver, and 31-year-old Jose Benavidez Torrez who police believe to be the mastermind to the entire plot. Both Gonzalez and Torres are illegally in the U.S.

Police say the connection between the suspects and the victim was a curandero.

“We believe Dr. Dominguez had entertained a black magic doctor curandero and disclosed certain facts to him and that curandero, curandera relayed that to our initial suspects,” said Rivera.

Weslaco Police Chief Joel Rivera said he will leave it up to the district attorney and a grand jury to decide if those charges should be upgraded to capital murder.

All three men were given a $1 million bond.

Police say that they believe Dr. Dominguez died as a result of the crash and not as a result of the gunshot wound.

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