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18 year old to spend life in prison


MCALLEN, Texas – A jury making their final decision on the fate of a Rio Grande City man accused of brutally killing a toddler and his father.

After hearing testimony for two weeks, a jury has found Jesus Angel Rebollar guilty on two counts of Capital Murder for the deaths of 41-year-old Hector Garcia and 3-year-old Julian Garcia. The jury began deliberating around noon. The defense attorney told the jury that testimony from law enforcement and witnesses was not accurate.

Rebollar’s attorney reminded the jury about testimony from a Texas ranger who claimed the victim, Hector Garcia, had several people who wanted to kill him. During his testimony the ranger admitted that Rebollar was not one of those people and was not associated with the group.

Meanwhile prosecutors countered with asking the jury for sympathy for the victims’ and their family.

“You heard from EMT personnel talk about Julian [3-year-old victim]. They were trying to save his life. And what was he [Julian] doing? He was screaming in pain and fear. One can only imagine what was going through his little mind. The fear of not knowing what was going to happen, that he was injured, that he was dying.”

Prosecutors also asked the jury to take into consideration the inconsistency of Rebollar’s childhood friends’ testimony, who they say did not have credibility of Rebollars whereabouts during the time of the shooting.

Rebollar will be spending the rest of his life in prison following the jury’s conviction. He remains as the only murderer in this case despite witnesses testifying Rebollar’s truck was occupied by several men.

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