SANTA ROSA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Santa Rosa powerlifter Leslie Flores won a second straight title at the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association State Championships last week.

Flores competed in the 148-pound weight class in 3A Division II. The Warrior powerlifter lifted a total of one-thousand pounds. She squatted 415 pounds, bench-pressed 205 and deadlifted 380.

“Honestly, I felt so relieved because going into it,” Flores said. “I was a bit scared because girl in second was challenging.”

Flores edged the 2nd place finisher by 55 pounds.

“I really wanted it,” Flores added.

Flores is thankful for the guidance provided by Santa Rosa girls powerlifting coach, Erica Molina.

The powerlifting coach says Flores’ back-to-back titles will inspire other athletes at Santa Rosa High School.

“It’s going to be something little girls can look up to her,” Molina said. “She’s a good role model and here legacy will live her in Santa Rosa forever.”