PHARR- SAN JUAN-ALAMO (KVEO) – The PSJA Lady Bear softball team made its debut on Tuesday in the TGCA softball poll, at 11th overall in Class 6A.

Just two games into district play, the Lady Bears at 5-0, 2-0 on the season. A record that hasn’t come easy but proves their resilience and ability to quickly adapt.

“We were supposed to be the underdogs,” said junior catcher Kaylah Hernandez. “But we’ve been showing out.”

Showing out, to say the least.

The Lady Bears have completely rebuilt from their last season team, which held eight seniors who played a big role in getting the team to the postseason. That postseason was cut short by the pandemic, almost one year ago on March 13.

“It’s been fun but it’s also been challenging,” said junior Madison Lopez, the second returning starter, along with Hernandez. “Because they had such a short year last year they didn’t get to fully develop, the freshmen need to learn to grow up fast, mature quicker, but I’m glad to take them under my wing. I want to teach them how we do it. At least give them an example and show them.”

Hernandez and Lopez have been doing everything they can to help their up-and-coming teammates transition to the varsity playing level. They both say they’ve been impressed with the young talent on their team.

“Honestly I’m giving huge props to my pitcher. She’s come a long way,” said Hernandez. “She hasn’t started, but this year she’s stepped up and she’s been striking out. I’m really proud of her.”

The stats speak for themselves.

Through five games they’ve scored 76 runs and outscored opponents by an average of 13 runs per game.

“Not a lot to prove but to show people that we could lose people and we could still put up with games and still come back,” said Lopez. “It’s not just who’s the team, but that our coaches and the players still on the team could teach those younger girls.”

Next up for the Lady Bears is a district match up at home against Edinburg Vela at 7 p.m.