MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Sharyland senior Kali Nguma kicked his way to a Division I opportunity at North Texas.

Nguma will continue his football career at the University of North Texas. He will compete for a special teams spot at the kicker/punter position.

Courtesy: Twitter/sharylandath

The senior had several offers to Division I schools. However, the Mean Green made its mark on him and his family.

“When it came to my recruiting to North Texas, every time I would talk to my parents, even if it wasn’t involving football, we would always somehow circle back to North Texas,” said Kali Nguma, senior kicker/punter at Sharyland High School.

Nguma played four years on the varsity team. His sole focus was kicking. 

However, to earn recognition and improve, Nguma traveled across the country to kicking camps. According to Kohl’s Professional Football Kicking Camps, Nguma is ranked No. 36 in the country for high school kickers and No. 43 for punters.

While earning recognition, Nguma’s main priority was learning and improving. 

“I’ve gone to Kohl’s Kicking Camp, Kornblue and ranked really high at both camps,” said Nguma. “It shows you all the competition that’s all over the nation, and it really makes you want to grind to get better.”

Nguma has his eyes set on a starting position at North Texas. The Rattlers finished 7-5 (5-0 in district play) in his final year. 

Kali grew into a leadership role during his time at Sharyland. As a senior, he wanted to make sure the program was in good hands as he and his former senior teammates leave the program.

“I just try to bump them up because they’re all trying to find a spot on the team,” said Nguma. “They’re all just trying to do their best, so you just got to help them out a bit and help them find their role.”

Like football, Nguma’s individual success was a team effort. His parents played a huge role in helping Kali achieve his dream.

Their dedication and sacrifice is something Nguma never forgets.

Courtesy: Kali Nguma

“My parents are extremely supportive of me,” said Nguma. “They’re the reason I’ve even made it to this spot.”

Nguma’s signing day is April 26, at Sharyland High School.