LYFORD, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Lyford High School’s new turf for its football stadium features an American flag to honor those who make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Lyford CISD passed a bond earlier this year to begin the project on the new football turf that also included a new track to surround the field.

The town is known as the ‘home of patriotism.’ Prior to the new turf field, the high school painted the state flag in one end zone and the nation’s flag in the other. Once the construction of the new field began, the school knew it needed to pay homage to those who served.

“We were coming up with different drawings on our field,” said Jerry Jauregui, football coach of Lyford High School. “Dr. Brown actually came up with the flag over there in that section. I think it looks absolutely amazing.”

The flag design is in the “D” section of the field, closest to the school. Once the season begins, Lyford’s plan is to have everyone face that side of the field during the national anthem. The school and team hope the veterans appreciate the permanent token for their sacrifice.

“They really didn’t see it last year,” said Noah Guzman, senior wide receiver and defensive back. “I mean, we had it in the end zones, but that was really it. Now it’s on a turf field and it’s here forever. It’s gonna prove a point.”

“In this town, we show a lot of thankfulness to our veterans,” said Victor Rubalcaba, senior running back and line-backer. “It’s kind of giving them that little praise that they may need. They see, and they feel grateful for their service. It’s just a nice thing to do to give back to them.”

The Bulldogs break in their new turf for the first time this upcoming season when they host La Villa High School on Sept. 2.