RANCHO VIEJO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Carlos and Emilio Nuñez love to play golf.

Carlos, who is 10-years-old, dreams of playing professionally.

“I want to be a pro golfer and own my golfing brand apparel and golf clubs,” Carlos said.

Eight-year-old Emilio looks up to pro golfer Ricky Fowler.

“He’s very good,” said the eight-year-old. “I just want to be like him.” 

The Nuñez Brothers are taking the necessary steps to advance in the golf world.

Their parents, Carlos and Anna Christy, take the boys to San Antonio and Mexico on a weekly basis to improve their skills.

“They’ve never said I don’t want to go or I don’t want to wake up,” said Anna Christy.

Carlos and Emilio will get a chance to play against elite competition at the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship, which begins on Thursday in North Carolina.

“You’re taking some of the top kids from the entire world,” says Manuel Saldivar, the boys’ golf coach. “I mean, they’re coming from Germany, from Japan, or coming from Korea, they’re coming from Spain.”

Their parents have grown fond of the sport and look forward to helping the boys reach their goals.

“As long as they continue enjoying this sport, we’re going to continue to support them,” said their father.