HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Harlingen South basketball player Paige Montemayor cherishes her time on the court.

“Seeing all the girls last year on the court while I was on bench, I was like, I wish I was them,” the senior said.

Montemayor tore her ACL during her sophomore year.

“I cried,” Montemayor said. “I remember the day of, I couldn’t walk up my stairs, couldn’t get an inch of the floor. I was just balling.”

Her time away from the game was extended due to delays in medical care during COVID-19 pandemic.

“I tore it in January and didn’t get surgery like until midway through the year,” Montemayor said. “Recovery process was hard. Getting into therapy places was hard.  

She faced another hurdle, trying to impress Harlingen South’s new head coach, Rebecca Littleton.
“Paige was always in my office and wanting to get better,” said Littleton. “I didn’t know her as a player. I just knew her work ethic and that she was showing up everyday.”

Montemayor’s dedication paid off, she was named a team captain. Her tenacity court sets an example for the younger members of the team.

“She’s so fierce with everything, her personality, her work ethic and desire to be better,” said Littleton. “A lot of our success is off her and who she is.”

“I don’t’ really have much to ask,” Montemayor said. “Just proud of where I am and how far I made it.”   

Montemayor and the Hawks will face Porter on Friday.