This week, Dagoberto and Enedelia Gonzalez said they received an unexpected call from their son’s school, informing them the teen had been detained.

Joshua Gonzalez, a 13-year-old sixth grader at Dr. Juliet V. Garcia Middle School in Brownsville, was accused of pointing a laser at a teacher causing her extreme pain to her eyes.

“He got in trouble by pointing a laser at his teacher,” Dagoberto Gonzalez explained.

But Joshua Gonzalez’s parents said it was not a laser he was holding, but a pen with a small flashlight.

The parents claim their son tapped on his desk, accidentally pointing the light at the teacher. They don’t believe what they call weak lighting could have caused any serious damage.

The Gonzalez’s said a flashlight from a cell phone is five times stronger than that of the pen.

The teen was detained by Brownsville ISD police on a charge of aggravated assault causing bodily injury, a Class A misdemeanor, according to the parents.

They believe the charge is not only unjust but also far too severe.

“The police showed it to me and told me it wasn’t a laser, but the teacher insisted it was, and that’s what was reported, but they showed it to us and it’s a pen my husband kept in his truck with a clear light ” said Enedelia Gonzalez.

Brownsville ISD officials were unable to comment because the incident involves a minor.

Gonzalez was given 30 days probation, in school suspension, and he will have to go before a judge within the next few weeks.

His parents believe his future could be negatively affected by the charges against him.

“They told me this will stay on his record,” the teen’s mom said. “He has always had dreams of going to the Marines, and he asked me, ‘How will I be able to do that now?'”