As you hit the road this holiday weekend law enforcement Valley wide are encouraging drivers to keep a few things in mind.

“Lights and sirens are for emergency purposes,  we don’t drive lights and sirens for a low priority call,” said William Bilokury, Rio Hondo police chief. “We drive lights and sirens to save lives and property.”

There’s a reason why law enforcement agencies like the Rio Hondo Police Department urge drivers to follow traffic laws, especially during the busy holiday weekend.

 Dash camera footage obtained by CBS 4 shows a recent incident where the Rio Hondo Police Department was trying to take a man to the hospital but encountered some hurdles along the way.

“This is incident one that guy pulled over a long time ago and this girl she waited until the last second,” Bilokury said.

Bilokury says emergency agencies encounter incidents like these daily, which can put everyone involved in harms way and can lead to consequences for those who don’t obey traffic laws.

“It can lead to a citation, it can lead to an arrest, or can lead to an accident. An accident can be anything to a simple fender bender to someone being severely injured or killed,”  he explained.

Bilojury said next time you’re on the road and hear sirens move, to make sure to move over to the right.

The Rio Hondo Police Department also reminds the public to not drink and drive.