Texas begins border wall construction; County Judge still hasn’t heard plan


STARR COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — Governor Greg Abbott tweeted on June 28 that Texas had begun building its state border barrier.

In his press conference in Del Rio, Texas, on June 16 when he announced that the state was going to build its own border wall, Governor Abbott said that “the ability for us to be able to arrest people coming across the border is going to be enhanced by Texas building border barriers. Some of those barriers are being built immediately.”

As of June 28, the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) hasn’t hired a project manager to oversee the construction, but Governor Abbott tweeted the following video. 

KVEO contacted the governor’s press office and they said this video shows state-owned land near Eagle Pass, Texas, being cleared for border wall construction.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush said that he would give emergency authorization to the governor to build the wall on state lands.

Starr County Judge Eloy Vera said no one from the governor’s office had spoken to him about what the state’s plan to build the border wall actually includes.

“Someone from his staff should approach us and tell us ‘this is what we plan, this is what we’re trying to achieve, and this is how it’s going to impact you guys’,” said Vera.

Vera said he wouldn’t be opposed to sections of the wall being built in parts of Starr County, but he won’t agree to it until the governor explains the plan.

“My job is to protect the citizens of this county to the best I can and to make sure that whatever happens in this county is in their best interest. So, I’m not going to commit to anything until I have all the information I need,” Vera said.

Governor Abbott announced earlier this month the state had a down payment of $250 million for the wall, but Vera said he doesn’t think it will be enough.

“The governor is talking about using $250 million for a wall. The Federal government had billions of dollars and they used billions of dollars to build three miles of wall, so I don’t think $250 million is going to go very far,” Vera explained.

Abbott is soliciting donations from private citizens across the country, and the Texas Tribune reports that the state had received over $450,000 in donations from private citizens as of June 23.

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