You can feel the energy pick up as week one of high school football here in the valley inches closer, and La Villa High School looks to retain its 2021 district title this season.  

The Cardinals finished 9-3 last season, but they lost 20 seniors from last year’s squad.  

So a young team and a lot of fresh faces for Head Coach Danny Perez, but the cards are zeroed in on retaining the district title this season. 

“We lost 20 of them, so we had a great season. 9-3 season, won the district, so we got a young team, and hopefully, these guys show up and learn, and we go out there and fight, and hopefully it’ll turn out alright,” said Perez. 

 “We hope to come back better than last year. We always look to put in work, and being the team captain, I like that the team trusts me and just let me do my thing,” Brandon Feliz, Junior quarterback and strong safety.  

“Keeping that sugar bowl here at home, and winning the district title, and as far as we can in the playoffs,” Jaime Elissetche, Senior center.  

La Villa kicks off its season at home against Progresso on Friday, August 26.