Women’s Health: Surviving Breast Cancer and Tech


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Modern-day technology in mammograms and treatments help countless women in the fight against breast cancer.

For Jo Ann Lumbreras, a piece of technology saved her life.

Lumbreras was laying down in bed when her phone fell on her chest, causing her to touch the area. It was then that she felt a lump.

Two months later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“At the beginning, it was hard because it’s the acceptance. You’re trying to accept the fact that you have breast cancer,” said Lumbreras.

She said it took her months to garner the strength to tell her family. Eventually she did.

Modern-day advances stepped in once again to help her navigate her diagnosis.

She joined Facebook groups, 5K breast cancer walks and eventually had a new support system.

“It is hard, and just knowing that there’s somebody out there that you can speak with and knowing that there are people out there, is encouraging,” said Lumbreras.

Something she laments people decades ago did not have access to.

“I think it was probably harder for them because they didn’t have that community,” said Lumbreras. “It was just them. They didn’t have the resources to be able to speak to somebody the way we do now.”

The death rate for breast cancer has dropped from 31.9 percent in 1950 to 19.1 percent in 2017.

One piece of advice Lumbreras maintains is for women to be open about their health and putting it off.

“Do your yearly mammograms, hoping that you’ll find it when it’s small and able to get a better diagnosis,” said Lumbreras.

Lumbreras was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and today she’s a survivor.

As KVEO closes this series, we want to remind you that your health is important. It’s not tabooed to talk about, and as we heard time and time again from doctors, being open and willing to discuss what’s happening to women’s bodies can help us find better solutions.

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