County judges address vaccine distribution in the Rio Grande Valley during live interview


Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—As the state began the massive undertaking of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, its arrival to the Rio Grande Valley has been flawed.

In Texas, the vaccine’s rollout has been upsetting for many. There has been poor messaging from state officials, logistic delays and technical errors.

It has been unclear whether county officials know how many doses of the vaccine they will be receiving or who has received it locally.

After state officials expressed concern vaccines were going unused and urged providers to give them to anyone who was eligible, many who met the qualifications are finding it difficult to receive a vaccine.

Vaccine details leaked to “beat the line” by clinic planners, County officials say

CBS4 evening Anchor Chris Jacobs, spoke to Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. and Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez to discuss what the general public needs to know when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine distributions in the Rio Grande Valley.

During the live interview, Trevino called for more patience from Rio Grande Valley residents. He said the vaccine rollout has been difficult due to all the uncharted territory.

“There is no handbook for this, we have tried to address it the same way we handle our natural disaster which we are familiar with, hurricane, flooding.” said Trevino.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: COVID-19 vaccination distribution in the RGV

Judge Cortez said, sometimes, as county officials get more answers to share with the public, the more answers they get.

“The medical school had 45,000 people register online, 45,000. they had 2000 vaccines. What do you do?” said Cortez.

Both County Judges ask for help from the public when it comes to organization, as well as communication.

“We need everyone’s help and cooperation and assistance. because if they don’t follow what they’re asking them it makes the clinic less efficient than we want it to be.” said Trevino. “We don’t know from week to week. how much we’re going to get.”

Trevino added that every week, the number of doses Cameron County will receive is subject to change.

Judge Cortez said that even if everything runs smoothly, people will still need to patiently wait for their turn at a clinic.

What the entire interview here:

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