Odd, extravagant, expensive items for sale


Retailers continue to come out with new, and sometimes odd or expensive items. Here's a look at a few extravagant items that have been sold.

In Dec. 2017, Jim Beam sold a smart decanter called, JIM for $34.90. The decanter is designed to hold bourbon and pour shots on demand when you ask.

Stove Top stuffing offered Thanksgiving pants in Nov. 2017. The pants quickly sold out.

Nordstrom sold an $85 leather-wrapped rock during the 2016 holiday season.

Nordstrom sold $425 pre-coated mud jeans in the spring of 2017.

McDonald's turned French fries into eating utensils with its "Frork" when the restaurant unveiled three new burgers in 2017.

In 2016, KFC sold nail polish. The polish came in different flavors, "Hot & Spicy," "Original Recipe" and others.

KFC listed an "Internet Escape Pod" for $10,000 on its e-store in Nov. 2017.