Best, worst products to buy on Black Friday


With Black Friday finally here, WalletHub has ranked the best and worst discounts shoppers will see this year. The ranking is based on additional discounts for consumers who wait to make purchases until Black Friday. Click through to see which items on your Black Friday shopping list will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Books. movies and music: 53 percent off

2. Video games (software only): 38 percent off

3. Toys: 24 percent off

4 (tie). Computers and phones: 19 percent off

(Bryan Thomas/Getty Images)

4 (tie). Consumer packaged goods: 19 percent off

6. Appliances: 18 percent off

7. Consumer electronic goods: 16 percent off

8. All other product categories: 12 percent off

9. Furniture: 8 percent off

10 (tie). Apparel and accessories: 7 percent off

10 (tie). Jewelry: 7 percent off

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