SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Blanquita’s #2 at 190 N. Oscar Williams Rd is this week’s Top Performer on Food 4 Thought.

Lead investigator Derick Garcia visits this week’s Que Rico restaurant to surprise the staff with a Top Performer sticker based on their 97 out of 97 score on their Jan. 6 health inspection report.

The restaurant owner, Martin Morin Sr., happily accepted the Top Performer sticker and owed it all to his staff.

“I’ve reached my dream and more than that,” said Morin. His son, Martin Jr. has a Master’s degree in Business from Texas A&M University and dreams of opening a Blanquitas in Las Vegas!

Marina Banda is one of the kindest and longest-serving members of the Blanquitas team. “I’ve been here 14 years,” she said with a big smile, “[the owners] are super nice people.” Her customers are like an extended family, she’s memorized orders, names, and families, “they make me happy.

Also featured in this week’s Food 4 Thought is a bakery with some significant violations involving children. Blankita Pasteleria at 915 E. Ferguson in Pharr is hit with 18 violation points on their Feb. 24 inspection report.

The inspector noted, no kids are allowed where working business is being conducted and all kid items need to be removed. The report also states employees, need to wear proper gloves and hairnets, all toxic substances need to be properly stored and the grease trap needs to be serviced ASAP.

Similar to a health inspector, the Food Patrol made an unannounced visit. Within seconds of speaking with Robert Alvarez, a baby crawls out from behind the counter in view of our cameras.

The baby boy is quickly taken away. The owner and mom, Angela Garcia Maldonado, explained the race car bed behind the counter is hers and climbs in to prove it. The health department may not take the bait but it’s all on camera.

You’re part of the Food Patrol! When you see dirty habits, please send us photos/videos and a copy of the complaint you filed to your local health department to News@KVEO.COM