HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Food Patrol is taking on Hidalgo County to see what ¡Que rico! and what’s ¡Que asco! in this week’s Food 4 Thought.

Our Top Performer pick of the week can’t be “topped”.

The Chuck E. Cheese located on 1200 N. Trenton Rd. in McAllen is keeping their joint clean and cheesy. The family entertainment chain’s Feb. 22 report showed zero violations, making them this week’s top performer.

Chuck E. Cheese located on 1200 N. Trenton Rd. in McAllen earns a Top Performer sticker.

The store manager Ruben Garza has been having parties with Chuck E. Cheese for more than a decade. The former Top Performer is adding another sticker to his staff’s name.

¡Que rico! Now it’s time for ¡Que asco! time.

Taqueria Don Felipe #2 located in 220 W. Main Ave. in Alton is showing violations of cross contamination, off temperatures, missing food labels and unclean surfaces.

The Hidalgo County Health inspection report also shows that managers and staff don’t have proper permits or training to handle food.

The owner’s son and taqueria manager Raul Vega agreed to show the Food Patrol behind the scenes of the restaurant.

Vega admitted the people cooking for the customers “don’t have permits.” He also admitted cross contamination is still a problem in the kitchen.

The Food Patrol saw cross contamination issues happening in the fridge and on the cutting boards with chicken and seafood.

Vega owned up to the violations and plans to “fix everything” in the family business. He sealed the deal with a handshake to follow the mission to keep the restaurant clean.

You’re part of the Food Patrol! When you see dirty habits, please send us photos/videos and a copy of the complaint you filed to your local health department at News@KVEO.COM.