SAN JUAN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Food Patrol visited a San Juan cake shop that was beyond clean and even had a clean smell that hit us as we walked in.

It scored well on its food inspection report and we were not surprised.

We also stopped by a San Juan supermarket that did not do so well on its food inspection report – but they say it’s because they were remodeling.

Here’s what’s que rico and what’s que asco on this week’s Food 4 Thought.

We found Los Pasteles Caseros de Gaby at a beautiful shopping center on 205 W. Nolana in San Juan.

The bakery did well on its September 6 San Juan city health inspection. Everything was checked as being in compliance.

The city even sent a nice little picture to show us what we could expect to see.

The Food Patrol was not surprised that the bakery scored well.

Everything about the place looked spotless, clean and almost too good. Even the pictures on the wall looked clean and looked good!

The worker we spoke with says her shop offers great stuff.

“They are just cakes on the showcase for birthdays, for events, quinceaneras, weddings, birthday, baby showers,” said Erika Gallegos of Los Pasteles Caseros de Gaby said.

She also addressed why the place smelled so good.

“Because of the cleaning we do every day. We always have to keep everything clean. We want to keep everything clean, not even a little piece of paper. So when people enter, they say, ‘this place is very clean and smells very good,'” she explained.

Come to think of it, we said that too when we got there.

Now it’s que asco time!

We went to Sunny’s Supermarket on 102 N. Nebraska Avenue in San Juan.

It did not do well in its September 6th inspection.

According to the health inspection report, it had four items corrected on site and three items that were out of compliance.

That list included improper date marking, a food establishment permit that was not valid, and original container labeling that was also not in compliance.

Add to that, the city provided photos from its inspection that didn’t look too appealing.

We spoke with one of the workers at the store who did not want to be seen on camera or identified.

She said the problem was that they were going through a renovation that has now been completed.

She says everything has been updated and there is a whole new staff.

The worker would not let us go back and inspect ourselves because she says she did not have the time to clean up in the back as she had been cooking all day.

She assures us she wants to do better on her next food inspection.

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