HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Food Patrol is focused on Alamo and Mercedes for this week’s installment of the hit program “Food 4 Thought.”

This week’s Top Performer is “Tots with that?” food truck located on 103 North Tower Rd. in Alamo.

The 2004 film “Napoleon Dynamite” inspired food truck owners Juan and Erica Villarreal to serve up specialty tater tot dishes.

“We load them up with our favorites,” said Erica. The menu is totally worthy of a mouthwatering picture for social media.

The Food Patrol is awarding “Tots with that?” with a Top Performer sticker based on their Sept. 23 Hidalgo County Health inspection report with zero demerits.

“We just celebrated our one-year anniversary,” said Juan Villarreal. Call it a coincidence but the Food Patrol couldn’t think of a better gift than highlighting their success than with a Top Performer sticker.

It’s Que asco time!

This week’s low performer is the dirtiest kitchen the Food Patrol has seen since reviving the program after a seven-year hiatus.

Mi Casa Restaurant at 169 North Ave. in Mercedes has been around for over 20 years. Karina Gomez recently took over duties from her father, Obivio for undisclosed reasons.

The restaurant’s Sept. 29 inspection report noted “all employees will need their certified managers’ copy and food handlers [permits] within two weeks.”

The report also noted issues with food not being labeled or dated, cooking oil shall get changed every four days.

However, when the Food Patrol made a surprise visit on Dec. 5, the kitchen had significant issues. Only one employee on staff at the time of the inspection had a permit to handle food.

Expired food was found in every refrigerator and cooler. The only refrigerator without rotten or spoiled food was infested with roaches.

Karina admitted the decay is part of the reason she’s stepped in and has plans to revamp the family restaurant.

“It’s hard you know?” she said.

In a handshake deal, Karina agreed to an on-camera re-inspection in two weeks.

You’re part of the Food Patrol! When you see dirty habits, please send us photos/videos and a copy of the complaint you filed to your local health department to News@KVEO.COM