BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Food Patrol is focused on South Padre Island and Brownsville for this week’s installment of the hit program “Food 4 Thought”.

The “Food 4 Thought” program awards eateries with a Top Performer sticker for clean inspection reports. The sticker informs customers of their cleanliness.

Breaking Bread Burrito Express at 5200 Padre Blvd in South Padre Island has a 100 score and no violations from their Sept.13 health inspection report.

Camilo Salinas, the owner of Burrito Express, is happy to see the Food Patrol come through his restaurant.

“I feel God’s presence. I’ve been praying a lot. It’s been really slow,” Salinas said. “If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll get a prayer every single day that we post, try to pass God’s word without shoving it down.”

Tourism on South Padre Island drops this time of year.

The Food Patrol’s mission is accountability, and not all businesses have a clean report. This week’s low performer is a second attempt at asking Tacos El Compadres owner Janet Garces if the “roach infestation” complaint filed with the Brownsville Health Department is still an issue.

Garces kicked the Food Patrol out of the eatery from an unaired taping earlier this year.

The Food Patrol returned with the complaint and report filed on June 27. The complaint states “[Citizen] states they’ve been going for the past 3 to 4 months and have seen roaches in the establishment. [Citizen] states there’s a roach infestation and owner has not don’t anything about it.” The inspector also noted “small roaches in backroom in onion crate. Last pest control done 5/26/22.”

Another report by the health inspector states Raid roach spray was used to and “cannot be used in commercial establishment.” Roaches were also found in the back washroom along with a slew of violations including cross-contamination and no temperature logs.

An employee tried to cover for Garces but the Food Patrol recognized her from their previous encounter. Garces also had her name embroidered on the baseball cap she was wearing.

Garces went to the kitchen to avoid our cameras and returned with a face cover, “stop recording.” she said. The Food Patrol offered several times to speak outside away from customers but were denied and ordered to leave.

CBS 4 informed Garces our Food 4 Thought report would air Wednesday, “That’s fine. I do see it.” she replied.